Hello fellow shard peoples. You may remember me from such websites as Runuo and Orb. Or maybe not I lurk more then I post.

I have been running a family/friend shard since 2009 and been wanting to upgrade to SA/HS. In the past I have tried RunUO 2.0, RunUO SVN and Orb (not being supported anymore?) and looking for something else and stumbled onto this site.

Hi Redsnow Welcome To ServUO :) I do remember you from Orb and you are correct Orb is not being supported any more. You will find much much more within the ServUO :)
Welcome to the community Redsnow, I may have seen you lurkin around on runuo forums.
Servuo definitely is the best and most active choice when it comes to SA/HS.
I have no doubt that people in the community will help you with any transitioning to add the new era support.
always good to see publicly familiar faces, even the lurkers :)