Odd error doesn't appear to cause problems but...


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Sep 7, 2014
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Medival World
So when I boot my servuo server I get this playercaps error. Not a fatal problem but I wonder what is going on? My statcap is set to 450 and shows up fine on my status window. I do have a character, on my account that is bugged and I can't get his stats to change no matter if I set something globally different or I am in owner mode and [set str or dex or int to 150 it doesn't change. New characters I make are fine.


ServUO - [http://www.servuo.com] Version 0.5, Build 5986.14458
Publish 54
Core: Optimizing for 8 64-bit processors
RandomImpl: CSPRandom (Software)
Core: Loading config...
Scripts: Compiling C# scripts...Finished with: 0 errors, 0 warnings
Scripts: Skipping VB.NET Scripts...done (use -vb to enable)
Scripts: Verifying...
Finished (6350 items, 1247 mobiles, 10 customs) (0.78 seconds)
Config: Warning, 'System.Int32' invalid value for 'PlayerCaps.StatCap'
ACC Registered: Server.ACC.CM.CentralMemory
ACC Registered: Server.ACC.PG.PGSystem
Regions: Loading...done
World: Loading...
...done (118326 items, 3282 mobiles, 6 customs) (2.87 seconds)
Restricting client version to Action to be taken: LenientKick
11:03:08 ServerList: Auto-detecting public IP address...
11:03:08 ServerList: >>> services.servuo.com
11:03:08 ServerList: <<<
11:03:08 ServerList: Done: ''
11:03:09 Xanthos.Utilities.ConfigParser attempting to load Data/ClaimConfig.xml.
11:03:09 Xanthos.Utilities.ConfigParser failed.
11:03:09 FFA System
11:03:09 ----------
11:03:09 Loading ACC...
11:03:09 - Loading Central Memory - Done.
11:03:09 - Loading Public Gates - Done.
11:03:09 Done in 0.0 seconds.
11:03:09 ----------
11:03:10 Image lists successfully loaded.
11:03:10 Joeku's Staff Runebook: Loading...
11:03:10 Account: XXXXX... done.
11:03:10 Book Publishing: Loading...
11:03:10 Listening:
11:03:10 Listening:
11:03:10 ----------------------------------------------------------------------


Oct 4, 2017
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New World of Archon
i am using land of archon and getting that xanthos configparser Data/ClaimConfig.xml. attempting to load. i search the source dont see it