Odenheim "Looking for Staff"


Odenheim is looking for some staff members to help out with the evolving server.
This server is based upon Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition ruleset.
Custom leveling system base off D&D.
8 New Spell Systems + old spell system. Arachnomacy, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Priest, Warlock.
Custom Race & Class system with racial and class abilities based on D&D.

We are looking for people who have moderate to advanced scripting knowledge.
No core modifications needed. Looking for someone or someones to help script and complete spell systems, class abilities, Monster scripting and minor additions. The role isnt that heavy its mainly to help out with existing systems already in place.

This server is mainly for FUN its not a heavy deep looking for tons of players just a hobby and for peoples enjoyment.
We are also looking for content creators using existing lore and legends to create game content / help out with content.

So if you have a love for old Dungeons and dragons and have been looking for a server that tries to replicate that give me a shout and we can talk.

I have been working on servers for over 16 years and have created many of the animations you have seen out there from old RunUO forums to UO Pixel known as Vertigo so many of you out there are using alot of my old stuff and i love to give back to the community with these animations.
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The druid cleric and bard spell systems are not the same as the ones out there right now so its not just a plug and play type systems