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Official Ultima Online - Evolve Post

Discussion in 'Shards Looking For Players' started by Gr3enP0ison, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. Gr3enP0ison

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    Aug 3, 2015
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    Welcome to Ultima Online - Evolve - Freeshard
    Ultima Online Evolve is a unique server based on the OSI era of Ultima Online . It is a mix of classical and modern Ultima Online, based on the game in its PvP glory days. The shard features only the Felucca facet, where combat is unrestricted in most parts of Britannia. Additionally, factions, guild wars, the dueling system and regular tournaments held by staff. Custom dungeons and special monsters throughout the world provide a challenging PvE experience. Customized housing is also available to provide for creative players who wish to build their own place in the world. If crafting is more your thing, then you will enjoy the all-custom, balanced, bulk order reward system, offering power scrolls to further enhance your skills. UO Evolve is backed up by a goup of friendly and dedicated staff ready to help and make your game experience better. Player feed back is critical here at UO Evolve so we can further improve the server for all players new and old. If you have a suggestion, we will have suggestion boxes at every bank for players to write down their thoughts, or you can venture over to our forums.

    Information awww.uoevolve.com_wp_content_uploads_2015_08_intro_e1440661866613.png
    Mature server - Experienced ultima online developers and players have been working on a server for a long time to give the people back the fun they remember and enjoyed from UO.

    Community awww.uoevolve.com_wp_content_uploads_2015_08_Skeletonsf.png
    We welcome all players new and old to join our community. We have got a forum page that you can join and keep up to date with announcements, upcoming events, patches etc. You can also visit our website (http://www.uoevolve.com) for more information.

    Hardware awww.uoevolve.com_wp_content_uploads_2015_08_login.png
    Dedicated high-end servers and hardware provide you the best experience in playing this Ultima Online Freeshard.

    Features awww.uoevolve.com_wp_content_uploads_2015_08_Blankscroll.png
    Here at UOEvolve we offer alot of features such as capture the flag, bomberman, texas hold'em, Paragon mobs, Custom Monster Bash's, Quest's and much more.


    -Dedicated Host
    -Skill capacity 700
    -Stat capacity is 225
    -high gain rates on beginning
    -Renaissance OSI like fighting
    -Balanced PvP/PvM
    -Old school damage calculation (OSI-Dice)
    -Full loot
    -Felucca only
    -no rainbow stuff (OSI)
    -custom interfaces (if you want)
    -Cheat and hacker free including speed hacking
    -Order/Chaos system
    -6 accounts per IP
    -1 house per account

    Shard Start is 6th September

    We will be going into Beta on Sunday 6th September. All Beta perticipants will receive a choice of a gift when the server goes live. We will be doing a few events so we can get player feedback etc. Currently we wont have factions or custom housing atm.
    For more information visit UOEVOLVE.COM

    The Ultima Online - Evolve Team
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