Old bounty hunters system - help request


Jul 21, 2014
I warmly welcome.

I strive to improve the functionality of the cassic bulletin board (I do not mean those produced by the players) in such a way that it is displayed in the enhanced client version. Currently created by GM bulletin board does not respond to click in Enhanced version. I noticed, however, that in the Enhanced version the player bulletin board produced by carpenter is correctly opened.

Fixing the bulletin board for the Enhanced version also serves me for another purpose. I prepare my shard to implement an old system - Bounty Hunters. This system - published in the past - here https://www.servuo.com/threads/osi-accurate-bounty-system.3995/page-2#post-49450 - uses a modified bulletin board - as a bounty board - on which information is given about the current reward for head to player - killers.

The Bounty Bulletin works so that - when a player awards a financial reward for a killer's head, the system automatically generates a board post on bountyboard informing him of the name and the reward of the murderer. In case the killer kills another person who will also award the reward, the system clears the old bounty board massage and introduces a new one with the current sum of the prize for the murderer. If the killer prize is paid - the system deletes the bounty board entry. These entries appear on all bounty boards in the game.

Although the files contained within the link provided by Bounty Hunter were not compatible with the current version of ServUO, I was able to modify them (this required merge of corpse.cs and reportmurderer.cs) and the system now works fully on Classic version of the game. Unfortunately, the Enhanced version does not display a bounty board like a bulletin board.

And here I come to the heart of the matter, because I thought it would be worth trying to merge the playerbulletinboard.cs file (currently running perfectly on enhanced version) with the bountyboard.cs file from Bounty Hunter, and if it works, merge in a similar way the playerbulletinboard.cs file from the bulletinboard.cs. Success would mean displaying in the Enhanced version of all three boards.

I managed to achieve indirectly.
In the bountyboard.cs file I changed the records so that the system - at the player's click on the bountyboard - did not open the basebulletinboard, just generated a gump like in the playerbulletinboard. Consequently, bountyboard is displayed on Ehnanced version too. I also removed the various entries related to the authority and requirements of the playerbulletinboard on merge file.

The modified gump displays even the number of bountymassage entries and post autor (I wrote „Bounty Hunter Chief”) - but does not make one. I have not been able to display the content of the bounty information. I'm sitting on that long time and I have no ideas anymore.

That's why I would have a great request. Could you - in your free time - have a look at my modified bountyboard file and check out the cause? You may be able to know the reason for a moment, and the matter can be very easy to repair, and I lack the sufficient experience.

However, if you are able to successfully run gump from the playerbulletinboard for the bountyboard file, you will also be able to bring the classic bulletinboard to the enhanced version in a similar way.

Or maybe you will come up with another idea for displaying a list of people whose heads have been awarded - working both in the 2D and Enhanced versions

Attached is I sent modified, working BountyHunter files:
merge corpse.cs (latest ServUO)
merge reportmurderer.cs (latest ServUO)
folder gump/bounties with files: bountiedhead.cs, bountycorpse.cs, mergebountyboard.cs (my file version - bulletinboard.cs merge with playerbulletinboard.cs), bountyboard.cs (base bounty hunter system version works on 2D), bountyguard.cs, bountyinformation.cs, bountypackets.cs.

I know I ask a lot because you have probably many other things that require attention. The bug with bulletinboard.cs in Enhanced version has not been fixed for years (I posted about it in RunUO forum years ago just like in JustUO forum), and maybe the solution is now easier than it seems.

I greet you cordially and thank you for your help.


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