Old build restricting to wrong client version


Jul 30, 2020
Hi there!

I have a really old ServUO build from about 7 years ago, which is using Publish 46/47. Server itself works just fine but I've been having issues with certain visible tiles not being passable, particularly HS/TOL stuff, and when entering classic houses, I fall through the floor at the door and when walking around (experience this with newer house tiles too). I immediately assumed it was a client compatibility issue and I updated DataPath.cs (and OpenUOSDK.cs) to point to a copy of that I had saved in the server directory. I recompiled the server and it booted fine. I then made a copy of client files, moved them to a new directory, and used them for accessing the server to avoid conflict. Despite my efforts, the issue persisted.

I've also tried a copy of that I found in a random thread here, once again updating the appropriate files and recompiling. Same issue.

When booting the server, I notice that it continues to say that it's restricting the client version to Totally weird.

Yes, I've also tried booting the server as admin.

Is there something I'm missing after all of these years?


Apr 11, 2018
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Whispering Pines
Does it show the proper datapath while starting as well?

A version of ServUO that old may not be capable of reading the larger MUL file format. Does it have either of these in /misc/MapDefinitions.cs?
            TileMatrixPatch.Enabled = false; // OSI Client Patch

            MultiComponentList.PostHSFormat = true; // OSI Client Patch
Most likely you're going to need to use an older client. If you want 7.x it'll need to be before 7.0.9 due to the format change if you don't have the PostHSFormat choice.


Jul 30, 2020
Don't think it shows the data path in the console. All it offers is this:

Searching for Ultima Online installations...
Found 2 Ultima Online installations:
D:\Ultima Online Renaissance
D:\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Classic

Neither of those are correct. I do have both of those lines in MapDefinitions. Setting PostHSFormat to false seems to fix the house issue which confirms my suspicion that the server isn't reading the data files I have set. Even stranger yet is that the copy of that I had bundled with the server used to work just fine without issue for years with PostHSFormat set to true and no housing issues. I keep coming back to the console saying it's restricting the client version to I know that this build is old but it was just fine when I zipped it. Not sure why these issues are present now.