Okay so we have had no issues with players not being able to attack monster with melee weapons or wrestling them. In the past few days something went wrong and now "Only" new created characters cant melee or wrestle at. all older characters that where created before this happend 2 days ago can melee and wrestle just fine. I tried to see if it was my Imbuing playermobile file i implemented but there are some players that state they started when imbuing was already on the server & they can melee and wrestle just fine.

Would anyone know anything that could have been edited or a commented that would not allow new players to wrestle or melee with a weapon?

the only thing i edited was the treasure of tokuno.cs & commented out socketing in the basearmor.cs and baseweapon.cs but check them and they look fine. I have no idea what file would hold code for a new character to not attack or a miss edit. All help would be awesome thanks