(http://uosanctum.com/files/sanctum_files.rar) Used these .MUL's to get the Deco tab to work.
(http://www.thiscomputer2000.com/uo/uofiles.html) Used these MUL's to get the Travel tab to work.

I beleive that the Map#.Muls can get the various other programs (UOautomap for example though i haven't tried yet.) to work as well.

My main concern was the Pandora's Box tool which speeds things up for me on each level of creation in a work to get things moving along smoothly and quickly. The only thing i did was put the MUL files in my UO Directory and it worked later I'm going to mess with the other programs and see what all works with these old files. I'm posting these because of re-DLing and installing a new copy of UO and stopping it on a certain update to acquire the MUL's takes some time, at least this way you don't have to do that or scour the internet for hours looking for the MUL's yourself.

I'm currently sorting out other issues with Pandora like a way to get the other map from the newest expansions on the travel tab but i have no experience with the coding for this tool. So it may take awhile. For now here's what i know/have. I haven't come across any problems with our world or items/places not being what they say they are, but that is not to say that it couldn't happen to someone else.
Hi Spencer, Lovely post and a great idea to fix the unable to travel with Pandora's Box. I did follow your link but apparently, the people running that site took your files listed and turned them into a 404 Error. I do have a copy of the mul files for Felucca, Trammel, Ilshenar, Malas and Tokuno stored on my thumbdrive. If you or anyone could direct me to a site to place the files, I would be very happy to share them. Oh, This also fixes UOAM =) which I also still have ;)

edited to add update to my findings.....my mul files are not working so well :oops:
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Jezica, I use DropBox for a lot of stuff I have to move to other people, have them ask for them and send a connection. And if they signup for dropbox they give you an extra 500 meg.
Now that I have returned to the land of the living I am curious if there are any tools like this or should I update my links? I was thinking of making a dropbox or storing them on google drive for everyone.