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This might be a little long and drawn out, but here goes. I was a GM on a shard called Paradise Found, a shard that I played on for over 15 years. A few months ago on an early morning I tried to log on and found that the server was not there. Over the next few days after contacting other staff members of the shard. We found out that the Owner had passed away and that Paradise Found would never come back. None of the staff members had the passwords to get on the host or the server. All we could come up with is a back up of the server from Easter week of 2013. Truly a lot of lost time. After Weeks of trail and error and help from a different shard owner. I managed to get the backup to run with a few errors but, I could log on and walk in the past on Paradise . With more help I managed to get owner access to that semi broken shard.
That's the back story, now my questions, I have never learned to write code, I work in the IT field but in a support role. I can read a script and have a very good idea of what it does. What are my chances of bringing this old back up, up to the present? Right now I can't even get the shard to boot up with out errors. But it does boot and you can log on to it. The owner "Haazen" rest his soul left us with out a world to play in. I really want to fix that. I have about 80% of what PF was when it went down. I'm asking the community for ideas on how to achieve that goal.
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give this video a try, ive not watched it all, but it will help you understand the code, maybe enough to fix it.
Well first off have to find out what type of server it was like was it a runuo server type most likely or was it a different type of emulator since it was so long ago. most in this community could get this up and running fixing the errors pretty fast if given the opportunity. going line by line of the code but you would have to give them the files to fix. Also you would have to know what version of the client the person was using because alot of he scripts were probably coded to fit any client related changes.
OK these are the errors in raw form. I piped the output of the server booting up to a text file. I understand this much of the error. Its looking for a path that is not there, and it looks for it a bunch of times before moving on in the boot order. So some where in my datapath.cs there is a call for something that my computer doesn't have


  • pf server error.txt
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at Ultima.Art.Measure(Bitmap bmp, Int32& xMin, Int32& yMin, Int32& xMax, Int32& yMax)
at Server.Item.Measure(Bitmap bmp, Int32& xMin, Int32& yMin, Int32& xMax, Int32& yMax)
System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'Ultima.Art' threw an exception. ---> System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Attempted to access a path that is not on the disk.
at Ultima.Client.GetFilePath(String file)
at Ultima.FileIndex..ctor(String idxFile, String mulFile, Int32 length, Int32 file)
at Ultima.Art..cctor()
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---

It looks like the server dont find or understand the uo art file. it seems you are using client version Is this the ones that was used? in version we still have the old "art.mul" but in there is "artLegacyMUL.uop" sins they transfer into a new file format.

I have is modified version of client and I dont know from there it comes, It might be from your server. Do you know if yours are unmodified?

Edit: My first guess it that you dont have the files in same directory structure as the old "Paradise Lost" and some paths are hardcoded, or another alternative is that they did use a older version of the client then you are using.
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For a couple years I had a client on the paradise found forms starting around that time for new players to download .

I will have to find my scrape of the forum post in order to find that version number I should still have a copy somewhere .
I could have sworn was told they used run uo 2 as the server core .
I am quite sure the only required client change was a modified hues.mul.
I would also add in the old mapX.mul files so that EasyUO would have tile awareness.
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I am quite sure the only required client change was a modified hues.mul.
I would also add in the old mapX.mul files so that EasyUO would have tile awareness.
that old of a save would not play nice with the .uop files I still have the hues file if anyone needs it .
Just another thought on the errors you've posted, Did you check your DataPath.cs file (usually in your Misc folder) to see if it's pointed to the location of the 'Game' files your server uses. If you have an old backup copy of the shard it's probably pointing to a location used by old shard owner for his/her server game file location.

Look in DataPath.cs for a line that looks something like this and change it to fit your own set up:

private static string CustomPath = @"D:\MyShardName\MyShardGameFiles";

Long shot but hope this helps.
If anyone checks this, I was a GM on that shard. Sad to hear about Haazen. Damara was there too, if she is still around, she might have some of the required data.