Have you guys noticed the new patch issues?

When I log in, there is no backpack on my paperdoll and many of our players get an instant crash.

Is this something patching the server box's data will fix, or is this another attempt of EA trying to kill off private servers?
The second one. There was clearly a change in the packets. I've made sure not to patch. With no one working on Razor or AssistUO, freeshards are in trouble. At least ones that patch.
Is it possible to somehow get back to 7.0.32? I know you cannot stop the patching process anymore, but is there maybe a way to extract an installation?
I had a friend with a similar issue. I sent him my client.exe and he was able to get back up and running. Send me a PM if you'd like a copy of it.
As someone who runs a server without Razor or AUO, and also who frequently patches to players, this is a great reason to use a decrypted client and simply alter your login.cfg for players. I'm not sure if it would solve issues for higher clients, as I use (no reason for anything further IMO) but its worth a try if its a shard breaker.
I'm almost done with a 10 hour solid shift merging RunUO 2.4 into ServUO - Client support included ;)
If you're talking about the post referring to -> client update bugs, that's my post :p
I'm using with no issues. The missing backpack ~could~ be due to missing gump art in the gump.muls or gump.uop. I've experianced crashes with missing art when something has been moved and it's either in my back pack or on my paperdoll.

I have also found that ServUO looks for my UO install folder, so I also put all my patches in there along with my custom datapath, and UO client folder (folder which I play on).
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