I have started work on the pet breeding and bio-engineering again. These two systems will betting a complete face life. I am making it less mechanical. The changes to the systems will be more mini game in nature similar to plant system and similar systems. DNA gathering will be changing too. Before players knew which pets to DNA to get the best DNA to make the best pet. It was based on the stats of the creature you sampled. New changes make it so players have to hunt all types of animals for the best DNA and its no longer based on the stats of the creature sampled. Making it so a wide range of animals must be hunted and sample. Also rather than 4 types of DNA now players must hunt 8 types of DNA each one for a different virtual stat and each one gathered a little different in an attempt to make the system more dynamatic and less mechanical. Also there is a 7 day waiting period for both bios and breeding where each day the players will have to check the status and make critical changes to keep the health of the bio/baby up. Also petting the player experiment to increase the pets over all outcome.

So now I ask is there any features, comment,s questions, or concerns? If so let me know

I think all the changes your creating to the bio is excellent, make it a bit harder which will be even more of an accplishment feeling. I'm not on a server but the one I was on we had the bio system disabled because everyone stated it was over powered. Just wondering if everything will remain the same with this one with the bios.
Over powering issues is my #1 concern this time. Powerful but balanced is being kept in mind. There is now a global caps file that all pets have to adhere to. All formuals used in the old system have been replace. Breeding and Bio are being rebuilt from the ground up no old code is being used.
Excellent! I was curious and I'm sure other's would be wondering also :)
Once again Thanks for sharing all your scripts here as they are so much fun for any server to have.
Okay, Bio Pets....here we go :p

Main Core File (Settings):
1. List to prevent or allow which things can be sampled.
2. Success/Fail settings for sampling based on ______ skill and luck.
3. Of course the caps you mentioned as well.
4. Independent Bio Pet leveling. Away from the regular pet leveling, maybe even allow for "growing time" and bonding time.

DNA Sample Item:
1. I'd suggest perhaps adding a tool that would allow the players to see their success chance of gathering a sample from said creature. Similar to when you're trying to tame something.
2. More involved mixing of DNA items. Perhaps just by "setting" sample DNA inside a container, you can open a window that will show estimated stats using those DNA samples.
3. Chance on sample to get a "rare" sample of DNA. The rare sample having slightly increased stats from a regular one. (This would offer some variety when lots of people start sampling the same creatures).
4. Chance on mixture that "something goes horribly wrong" and some mutation occurs offering increased stats or stats of a rabbit lets say.

I know, you're sitting behind your phone going "Damnit Tass, STFU!" LOL[DOUBLEPOST=1380376821,1380376320][/DOUBLEPOST]Pet Breeding

Main Core File:
1. Allow the options for players to breed their own pets, but perhaps with reduced stats as a result of "inbreeding".
2. Possible setting for breeding a "Thoroughbred" pet. This would offer a slight bump in regular breeding stats.
3. Allow for hues to be "mixed" during breeding. Obviously that would be very tough if a shard is using custom hues, but maybe a different file that will allow them to enter hues into categories (Red, Blue, Green, Cyan, Purple, Brown, etc).
4. Option to limit the number of times a pet can be bred. (This would allow for players to possibly charge other players for the chance to breed with their pet).
5. Window to show the baby's potential stats (which I think you already finished).
6. Perhaps an addition to the system to allow for the option of a Breeding License for players and/or pets. Either by gender, race, pet type (Allow for breeding ALL Hiryus for example or limit it to only regular Hiryus and not Lesser, etc), pet gender. Possibly make these settings interchangeable (true/false).
tass---I know, you're sitting behind your phone going "Damnit Tass, STFU!" LOL
haa.. @tass I bet he is saying at least "what the hell" :)
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Haha! No they are all good ideas. No screaming :p However DNA gathering will not need a list of creatures to dna and not to dna cause the stats will not be based on the creatures stats. The mini game part of the bio process will change everything.
Ah, I see. That changes the whole original Bio Pet idea then too and most of my good ideas...I don't know whether to be happy or curse you for making me type all that :p LOL
Be happy cause ill be using most of that :)[DOUBLEPOST=1380420498,1380419869][/DOUBLEPOST]DrunkScripting.png
Dont drink and script... :)
So I was thinking on how to do pet breeding differently than before. This way the Stud (Owner of the Male) could get some sort of value out of of. Such as selling his services (Giggity) and the Mother (Owner of the Female) would get the baby and have to take care of it. So I came up with Stud contracts. This way the male owner could sell the contracts on a vendor for a price or just hand them to anyone for that matter. and then Just use the contract on the mother to start the breeding process (Impregnate just sounded so dirty) Anyway. So I was wondering when you used a filled stud contract on the mother... what should happen?

Your thoughts?
Please :)

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World Broadcast: (Playername) has spread his pet's seed even further across the shard!

Seriously though...nope, I got nothing, that was just too funny!!
Maybe ask "Are you sure you want to use this Stud for your baby?"
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I think the mother should be auto-stabled or have to be placed in a "nest". I love the idea of the stud deeds as it would make it easier for sole players. Maybe breeding with two people could give something special..or produce "twins" so each player gets a baby...maybe 1/2 stats?