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ServUO Version
Publish 58
Ultima Expansion
Endless Journey

This is a bug I wanted to highlight.

MageAI with High Eval/Magery have longer lasting curses.
Normally one should not be able to train a pet after battle.
Due to the longlivity of this curse a player Could train his pet using Animal Lore and Pet Training.
This ment he could spend his points on a tamable that now had negative effects, causing him to lose HP (in this case he tried to raise the tame HP).
It was never reverted.

Before Curse:

After Curse:

Spent Points during Curse to raise HP

Curse Gone from pet:

So Basically the 120 points spent during the curse would raise the HP around 180-200? (If im not miscalculating)
Instd it raised it 18 HP points.

I am not sure how this works in the code, but its something I wanted to highlight