Hello Guys. On that forum i'm new but on old orbsydia forums i make some posts than maybe someone remember me :)

Now i'm still in development on my own server. It's based on runuo 2.0 rc2 with lot of customs. But now i try to migrate to new version of runuo. But clean runuo is crap with lot of bugs and that is a reason why i'm try to migrate on servuo emu :)

It's RP server for Polish people but for test i make second server ( PVP ) based on ServUO emu for make bigger community.


Greetings to all

Now i transfer a lot of customs to the ServUO

Changes :
disabled - Elf & Gargoyle races
disabled - queens royality system
disabled - reward system
disabled - help gump - all things must be writed on the forum or irc
added - directional dmg system
added - new AI -guardAI, necroAI, ninjaAI, necromageAI
added - lot of commands for players and staff

add - new races&classes from DnD
add - spawns for new maps

and more, more, more
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Welcome to ServUO Aryman30 - its always great to see other roleplay server developers out there!
Welcome to the community Aryman30, I believe i remember seeing you on one of the old orbsydia sites.
Servuo is for sure the best move for any shard maker now a days. More up to date, more activity, more helpful members, more of everything here.
Long Live Roleplayers! Best of luck on the success of your shard(s)
I am saddened that the target audience seems to be only Polish. I would be quite excited to play a shard that carries the spirit of D&D.
On a sidenote - Happy Birthday to Aryman30! Hope everything is going well with the development of your shard :)