Problem with Custom Titles


Dec 15, 2016
ServUO pub-57, VitaNex 5.2.0

Hi, I'm trying to rip out these cool Custom Title scripts from some public shard files but im having some trouble with these reader, writer lines. I've been looking around for a solution for a while but im coming up empty handed. Also I'm assuming this shard is using an older version or vitanex so I'm wondering if there was a change to the definition AddReplace.
+ Custom/Systems/CustomTitles/CustomTitles_Init.cs:
CS1593: Line 526: Delegate 'Func<GenericReader, KeyValuePair<TitleObjectSerial, Title>>' does not take 0 arguments
CS1593: Line 602: Delegate 'Action<GenericWriter, TitleObjectSerial, TitleHue>' does not take 2 arguments
CS1593: Line 618: Delegate 'Func<GenericReader, KeyValuePair<TitleObjectSerial, TitleHue>>' does not take 0 arguments
CS1593: Line 694: Delegate 'Action<GenericWriter, PlayerMobile, TitleProfile>' does not take 2 arguments
CS1593: Line 710: Delegate 'Func<GenericReader, KeyValuePair<PlayerMobile, TitleProfile>>' does not take 0 arguments
+ Custom/Systems/CustomTitles/UI/ScrollConfirm.cs:
CS1061: Line 78: 'SuperGumpLayout' does not contain a definition for 'AddReplace' and no accessible extension method 'AddReplace' accepting a first argument of type 'SuperGumpLayout' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Thank you in advance!