Evening everyone, I'm hoping that someone will be able to help me with a couple of problems that Im having with Pub 54.

1) My client files will only be found if installed in C:\Server, otherwise I get a message a message that reads "OpenUO Error: Client files not found."

2) none of the in game commands work, when I use the [help or any other command I get a mesage saying that the command doesn't exist.

This is a clean install, I've deleted the directory, and started several times from scratch with no luck. I've even uninstalled and re-installed Git 1.8.4 and Tortoise Git with no luck. I can get the commands from the toolbar to work which is odd to me, Im not sure why it would work from the toolbar but not
allow them to be typed in.
I can tell you that your error of OpenUO Error: Client files not found.
will not cause any problems, hopefully some one can help with the commands which you are not able to use. If your datapath.cs and serverlist.cs contain the correct path for your game client you could have the game and server on D drive would not matter :)
Tested with the all in one zip and no problems with any admin commands. [tele [help [admin all work.
But the game which your using what is the patch at how high?

Also Voxpire had posted this how to solve that error
OpenUOSDK: Client Files Not Found.
In publish 53, I made OpenUOSDK.ClientDataPath a public static property, which means it's accessible from any code.
In order to set the correct path, you do not need to modify the core now, you can do something like:
Code (csharp):
using System;
using Server;
public static class OpenUOSDKExt
	public static void Configure()
		OpenUOSDK.ClientDataPath = @"C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Classic\";
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The first issue doesn't really affect anyone, the embedded OpenUOSDK isn't used by anything currently as far as I know.

The second issue, assuming you're using UOSteam - Set the default command prefix to something that your shard doesn't use.

It's not made clear in UOSteam, but the command prefix selection is for UOSteam's local commands and will override your shard's command prefix.

Set it back to '-' or anything else that your shard doesn't use.
Milva, to answer your question, my client is patched to

Voxpire, you were correct, in checking out UOSteams features the other day, I inadvertently set the command prefix to the same as the server. I appreciate the help, it's taking
me sometime to remember the ins and outs of the software again.

Thanks again to you both.
Tawss any time you have any questions please feel free to ask :) Glad to hear that solved your problem.
Yeah, I only knew about it because I made the same mistake with UOSteam and posted about it on their site hehe.