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Does anyone knows which was the version of UO before they implemented the .UOP files?
Playing around custom files and everytime I try to launch with steam or razor (works fine with CUO) I get this error 1652061240648.png
So I am guessing I need to get version of UO before UOP.. Help! Thank you :)


razor.exe causes that.

You need something called
Large Address Aware. Then Razor / UOSteam can actually see work.

Enhanced Razor should also be able to handle the addresses of 64 bit systems.
Or use ClassicUO with the Razor assistant


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You can also use this to patch your client, that's what I had to do when using Razor/Steam.


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What is this and where is it from?
Im aware and from ive read you seem like a nice person from this community but a 1.5mg .exe can look shady :p


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It's numbered 1 as it's included in my client I push out so it's run first before decrypting the client. It came from a tech website I can't recall the name of it as it's been about a year since I acquired it but you're welcome to run a scan on it before using it my AV has never said anything about it haha.

It modifies the client to use the 64bit address or something to allow the client to use more than 2GB iirc of ram which is why you get the out of memory error.