Razor -Connect to Server


am i able to modify and compile Razor with this source code ?

Can i build a version with my own scripts inbuilt ? It will bypass Crypt.dll ?


InjectionDev, no, Crypt.dll uses a sign verification to ensure that the provided application is the one loaded, once you try to load it with your own application it will not start. They do not want you to use Razor codes since it can easily allow you to exploit some functionalities and provide you an imense amount of advantage

You will have to create yout own Crypt.dll


Sorry about this off-topic bro,
but there are any good project atm that allows me to create scripts using .Net platform ?
Im just an UO fan, trying to come back and play it just to have fun.
As a C# developer, i would like to create the basics macros and scripts that i will need, but not using a poor language script or lua, etc.

I have tryed UOMachine once, it was really good, but it kind of cause some deadlocks sometimes, i dont known, maybe this project still exists..

Well, that is all, im justing looking for a way to come back and play this nostalgic game :)
I would like to make a donation for someone that help me with a stable .Net assistance, if its allowed.

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@InjectionDev : Stealth Client if you write yourself a Wrapper handling the Delphi-written Script.dll.

Hey Crome969, nice to see you here!
I known you from that project, already asked there longtime ago for the C# Wrapper class, that someone (Orich i think) used to support that class there but was very out-to-date

Does Delphi dll are working nice atm ?
This project is still been supported ? What im capaple to do with Stealth ?

I will probably go this way, tkz for remind me that project.


Orich´s Version worked for the old API-Transfer Method but he never got it working fully on the new methods.
Neo wroted it working for the new Version but it was a bit slow and he never finished a more perfomant Version.

Api as it is in Delphi seems to work good. Sure there maybe some hidden Bugs, but how can we resolve when almost noone seems to be capable enough writing real Delphi code.

We still support the API, i myself as Player use it and you are capable of doing all you could do via stealth (check features on our homepage) + UI-Interfaces and handling of Delphi.



The install version of Razor from the site comes with:

Trojan.Win32.Gen.vl!n in the executable

anyone else find this?



Yeah thats the very old version of Razor. Its a false positive (the way that Razor works is injecting itself into the application, aka Trojan), but the new Razor is still being developed, and has some of the new features old Razor didn't.