Recruitment Board [Ideas Anyone?]


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Feb 5, 2014
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Okay so i am making a recruitment board... so far its coded, but I don't know if I should make an individual board for each AccessLevel or make the board all inclusive. The idea is to alleviate the need for players who are already staff and server owners from having to stop what they are doing to recruit someone. I have done the board for Counselors however I am debating leaving it at that unless I can put in a check for a permission to allow a staff initiate (Counselor) to progress onto the next level which is GameMaster. Thoughts??

This board can use custom graphics which I will put in the package so you can add your own; the examples just give you dimensions and you will ofcourse need to add these to your gump.mul via uofiddler before either editing the gumpstudio files or putting them on your server. I will also include the TrueType Font "Avatar" which you can see on the post it note to the left of the board titled: Recruitment Board.