Could someone on the development team enlighten me as to whether or not any significant adjustments have been made to spawns?

Personally speaking, a large majority of the current spawns for ServUO seem.. off. I'm seeing random creature types being clumped in one spawner with a spawn range of 5 and a home range of 100+.

Whatever the case, I'm considering merging my own personal spawns with ServUO but if anyone can confirm whether any adjustments have been made in the last several months.. it'd save me an enormous amount of time.
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I was referring to creature spawns, of course. Nerun's Distro uses "premium spawners".. which isn't XML. When importing the XML spawns for Trammel (for instance), the wilderness outside New Haven is packed with an extreme amount of forest life. Regarding Nerun's however, the version currently used in ServUO isn't updated either; it still spawns Old Haven and Occlo.