Region1999 - Renaissance era Shard


Hi guys, this is Arphile.

I'd like to introduce my awsome shard which placed in South Korea.

Login Server Address :

Port : 2593

Region1999 runs with preAOS Features.
Some of features are T2A, but basically it has 1999Y's era which was Renaissance expansion.

SkillCap : 700 ( 720 for veterans )
StatCap : 225 ( each of stat has 100 as cap)

ZeroDelay With Fast Fist Speed (80) on T2A PvP System,
Special Moves with Slow Fist Speed (30) on UOR PvP System.
you can choose the system with quest which serves by Doris (Custom Quest NPC)

You can also change how to see item properties with command because you'll be missed the time about this era.
just use "[PropertyView" command and reconnect it!

other features are able to check on Region wiki

I know every articles are written with Korean, but you can use Google translator to check this. (Sorry for that!)

I'd like to see you on Region1999 shard.
Thanks for read this article.
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also if you join the discord (which linked on the homepage menu bar), you can receive the points which can use on pointmall in homepage.
(Actually it is not opened, but it'll soon opened.)

Join us.