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I know a lot of folks have been working through errors and changes from Pub 54 to Pub 57.
I started this thread with the express purpose of documenting these changes and how they need to be addressed in older repo versions.
This will be a running list and updated as new information is verified, fixed and tested. I personally have not delved too deeply in Pub 57, so this post does not have a ton of information yet. If you or people you know have info that belongs here, send me a PM.

But, let us get started! ;)

Seems the big change here was DescriptionNumber being changed from an Int to a TextDefinition, which throws a wrench in the works for any custom resources, because they will not inherit the DescriptionNumber definition. This change allows commodity deeds to have: Numbers or Strings for the name.

The change to resource scripts:
int ICommodity.DescriptionNumber
return this.LabelNumber;

TextDefinition ICommodity.Description => LabelNumber;
Some renaming in this area has caused a few hiccups.
Fletcher to Fletching.
Carpenter to Carpentry.


where can I get the the Pub 54 repo? I would rather have the old over the new..
I posted a version of it that I had that is stock ServUO. :)


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I've been puzzling through some script conversions. I am hoping there is some direct correlation here.

using Server.XMLSpawner2

OnSingleClick - maybe just the context is different between 54 and 57?


II downloaded pub54 to compare and contrast, I saw that AI_Animal should now be AI_Melee

This is a great thread for this, just need more input for those of us playing catchup :)