Requesting Input on Pet Systems


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Jun 16, 2014
Atlanta, Georgia
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Usually I joke around on the forums but I'd like to request some ideas from a player's prospective on a new type of pet system for a new shard...

We all know the pet systems out there but to me they're getting a little boring and some of my ideas may have already been done. I'd like to ask shard players for ideas on what they think would be enjoyable for a new pet system to bring back searching for that ultimate pet again like it used to be when you'd hunt the rare colors or animal lore all day to find that super valuable pet. Some ideas I've had and have already coded will be listed, but I'd like to hear some more unique things.. anyways my ideas and one's already coded...

1. (already coded) - All mobile both pet and monster in the wild level and gain stats in the wild after they kill a player or other creature. I've done this one and it worked great until a psycho girlfriend stole my pc and pawned it. The idea behind it was finding a nice leveled wild creature with better stats to further work on.

2. Making more wild pets with very rare special hues as the Hiryu were done.

3. Make all pets age and eventually die after a long time.

4. Cross breeding pets (probably has been done) to give pets mix abilites or stats.

5. Pets can contract diseases that would have a vet crafting cure system.

Just looking for some more unique pet ideas for a new shard that you guys can come up with.

Thanks for any ideas.