Retrofun looking for players/testers.


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Sep 26, 2015
Hello guys!

Got a shard called Retrofun hosted about 2-3 months.European host.
If you try out the shard,never lost your items cause the status is Beta and i am adding from mid-game to end-game items right now.Features:
*Shard is PVM oriented,but you can attack players under Felucca map.
*Shard is running under SA expansion with IMBUING SKILL DISABLED.
*One character/account per IP.Start with an ethereal horse,20k,starter set,loot bag,shard travel map,and everlasting bandage.
*Level system (Thanks to ServUo forum member Joshua and his awesome work): Max level is 300,you gain 20 skillpoints and 3 stat points per level.
*Statcap is 400: 200 max per stat without SOT.STR max is 300 with SOT,DEX and INT can go up to 225.
*There is NO skillcap.Your character is always evolving.
*Token system by Daat99,and gametime coins are implemented.Receive coins for beeing online.Tokens,gold,and Gametime coins stones has been placed on Britain bank under Trammel map with some interesting items.
*Knives chat system.
*Party matchmaking system.
*Corpse retriever.
*Color room,get it from general world drops.
*Random quest generator modified to work with tokens and get prizes like x charges valorite hammer,barbed sewing kit,or power scrolls depending of quest level.
*First quet you must do in Britain bank Trammel to get a melee starter set.
*In the level system is also included pet level system,max level for pets is 300,they 3 stat points per level.
*Also added general drop on all maps,you can get prizes like pet transcendence deed,pet resistance potions (+1,max 80%),appearance deed,small/large bods,weightless deed,POF,Retrotub,experience coin,experience power hour token,+1 level breaker deed,and much more!
*Evolution dragons,they cant hurt players,to obtain the egg you must do the evolution dragon quest.
*Levelable weapons and socket system,only exceptional weapons can be leveled.
*Easy custom champion placed in Britain graveyard zone with 3 nice prizes and chance to get random 110 power scroll deed for new players.
*In Felucca dungeons you can drop "dungeon tickets".In the entrance of each Felucca dungeon there is his own npc to trade these tickets.
Each dungeon got his own artifact.Collect 100x tickets of a dungeon,and exchange it for a powerful artifact.You can see the different artifacts in Britain bank (Trammel).
*Peerles dungeons,Doom,and Underworld entrances have level requirement entrances,but you can obtain free passages from paragon creatures to enter without the level requirement,these entrances are located in Lord British castle in Britain Trammel.
*We are just 2 staff members so we are working hard to add more and more items to Retrofun world.

Feel free to visit our web page :
Or join our discord channel:

And thank you all the community members who helped me to fix issues i found along the develop,and other members worked hard to release their works and make Ultima Online worlds more and more funny to play.I love you all guys.
Here some names:
*Po0ka..............................................and for sure much members im not remember right now.---------THANK YOU GUYS-------LOVE YOU---------.Ultima Online forever in our hearts.
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