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Return of the Staff Toolbar - Staff Toolbar

I redid the old Staff Toolbar that stopped working sometime after Publish 57. It now runs as an XML Attachment, which I have also included a copy of that works with the latest repo.

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- The "Navigation" buttons on the edit window have been removed since all entries are now listed instead of the original 3x3 grid

- The expand button has been disabled as well

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I've tested this pretty thoroughly but please be aware that it's only been tested by myself and another person who are familiar with the system.

Please report any bugs that you find.

Thank you.


right on
whether my journey is trammel, felluca, malas or t2a this rune book increased my income by ten fold..... that's right ten fold... i recommend it... lol

a treasure hunters rune book?

see,,, the gold goes to your head.....


you asked if this works in EC client (current client).. it does show up, but the menus are in the wrong places..

works great in the Classic client.