I'm currently planning a revamp of some skills to make them more useful. I have a few ideas but i would love some suggestions on the following skills:

Detect Hidden
Forensic Eval
Taste Id

Thanks for any ideas!
Any system that takes advantage of these odd skills helps. For example, The Player Government System requires at least 40 Forensic Eval to place a city stone. :) Taste ID, you could design a system of taste-testing for Lord Brit....random chance to be poisoned or something.

Begging, I always thought it'd be nice if you had NPC beggars that you could give things to and get tips. However, on the flipside, if a player were to use begging on a certain type of NPC, they could get dungeon tips, treasure locations, quest tips, etc.

You know, you hear stories of people camping out somewhere and almost being attacked by a ______....how about a "random encounter system" only for players that are camping? Bandits raid their camp for example, or maybe part of a quest is the player has to camp out and wait for something to happen.

Herding, heh. Little Bo Peep....I'm thinking a farmer you can turn herds of ____ in to for rewards.

Tracking is already fairly useful for griefers at least, but I think more in-depth tracking might be more fun. Where you'd go on a quest to hunt down creatures and you start at their last known location and you might wind up tracking them across several maps until you find them.

Detect hidden would be good if you were a paranormal investigator ;)
Take Tracking, detect hidden and forensic evaluation and make some sort of Detective class. Make some sort of Murder quests, or like taas said some sort of paranormal investigations.

I for one like the idea of making some new "classes" and some content for underused skills like these.
We did that on my shard Goat. Our Star Wars expansion has the Force powers based on Meditation and Focus, but some of the skills Raven listed are going to be used in ways at a later date. I'd suggest taking a close look at the Blue Magic Expansion as well. Peo created several different playing classes for that with stand alone skills. It's difficult to put together playing classes in a general way for people to use on a custom shard. I would however, suggest creating new "occupations" as Goat said like Detectives. You could use a Bounty Type system as a base and branch off that with every one of those skills actually. :)
I use forensics in my grave digging system.

Herding... I mean... How much weed was Richards team smoking when they came up with that? You gotta wonder.
I have tossed around herding for awhile. Could be used to temporally control and animal (Summoned) type of thing.
Tasted ID should be put with cooking and that system needs a complete rebuild if you ask me.
Begging... Jesus... again drugs were a factor.

I'm thinking I will have TasteID add a bonus to Potion strength for a start.

A Hunting System for Tracking.

BOD system for Herding.

I'm gonna adapt Ronin's Bounty System to use Forensic Eval.

I'm thinking some type of temporary stat boosting effect for Camping.

Ravenwolfe said:
I'm thinking some type of temporary stat boosting effect for Camping.
You could further divide that up by regions with a timer. Especially if you used a random encounter system built in to it. Players could get more of a bonus for say camping in Doom for 15 minutes or maybe just being within 2 tiles of their camping area. This offers a bit more diversity in: where to camp, for what buffs, for how long and there's an interesting PvP aspect that could be included for areas with Fel rules. ;)