Riding a pet on Water


Operating System
Windows 10
ServUO Version
RunUO V2.1
I have a Seahorse that players can ride on water but I have been unable to make the same thing possible for other rideable pets.

I have searched here and on RunUO for a solution but cannot find anything on this problem.

I even took the Seahorse script and changed it to the Body ID and RideableID of other pets but that does not work.

Is this something that is controlled by the client . . or . . what am I missing?

Thanks for any help on this.


I have had some good PMs on this . . appreciated.

It looks like this is controlled client side although it seems odd they would go to that extreme just for Seahorses.

Unless someone has more insight on this, I guess I will not have flying dragons over the water.

Thank you for all input.


Well yes the client itself does not send the movement request.

What you can do, give the Mount the ItemID 0x3EB3, then it will work (as the mounted item will look like the seahorse :p )

maybe have it as a toggle command for players, so they can go "swimmode"

You would just need to store the original itemID so you can revert it.