Sanctuary Shard 2019


May 1, 2016
I can guarantee that you will get role-play ...

When was the last time you joined a game, a guild or a shard and someone said they can guarantee that you will get role-play?

Well, not only can I guarantee that you will get role-play, I am confident that the role-play will be interesting, developing and interactive.

It requires only two things:
  1. That you have some time available during the US Evenings or the weekends.
  2. You are willing to create a character that fits within the shard storyline.
The timeframe part is obvious, US shards primarily have US players, and the primary role-play happens when they are home from work and awake. The choice of character creation is also obvious -- anyone who's been role-playing for more then a few months knows that finding that character to character synergy within a storyline is vital.

The shard has been open for only a few weeks at this point and there is non-stop role-play happening every evening and through out the weekend continuously. And no, I'm not talking about drinks in the tavern or crafting chatter in the craft halls.

I'm talking about solid political intrigue, complex character development, martial planning, religious debate and an ever broadening group of role-play partnerships.

If you want more role-play then you are getting right now, I invite you to contact me directly in Discord and I will work with you to get the RP ball rolling.

I will work to match up your role-play style, character preferences, available schedule and play style with an existing group or help you establish your own group. If there is some other barrier to you getting all the role-play you want come tell me about it, let's problem solve and see what we can do.

The first few weeks of the shard have show that the inclusion of RPCSS into a shard plot line works. Our evening activity and online counts proves that we have only started to see where this will take us.

Lara #9755


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