ServUO on Raspberry Pi 3 B+


Dec 18, 2017
Has anyone gotten ServUO to work on a raspberry Pi 3 B+? will be ordering another Pi next month and I was wondering if someone has thought of making a guide and if so, could they type one up and post it plz?? I couldnt find anywhere on here of one so I thoiught I would ask. TIA :)


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Apr 10, 2014
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If you can find a distribution with MONO available, you should be able to get ServUO working, but there are some pitfalls:
  • ServUO on Mono isn't perfect. Do search the forums for the keyword "mono" to find out what the pitfalls are and/or set up a linux VM (in virtualbox) to test in before putting Mono on the Pi. Limit your VM to 1G of ram for testing as well (see below).
  • The RPi only comes with 1G of RAM. While this is likely more than enough for a small server, if your server gets big it may not be.
  • Similarly, the RPi's CPU is only 1Ghz per core. I don't know how much of ServUO is multithreaded, either. If ServUO is properly multithreaded, the low per-core speed shouldn't be an issue, but if it isn't it may be one if your server gets big (1Ghz is plenty for a small server).
  • Finally, the RPi's ethernet port is limited to 300Mbps. Again, this should be plenty for a small server, but if your server gets large it may be a bottleneck.
One last thing: While ServUO may work pretty well on both the RPi and on a regular linux PC, you may not be able to transfer your worldsave files between the 2. I would very definitely test to see if that can happen before running a live server on a RPi, in case you need to move to a more powerful platform in the future. If the transfer doesn't work between PC and RPi, at least you'll know and be able to find an arm-based computer to transfer to (which should work).

I hope this helps. :)

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