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Apr 24, 2018
Czech Republic
So how do I get started? Probably just praise. This post is intended for owners, moderators, developers of this site, and UO developers as such. I don't know when I first registered with you. It's about 3, maybe 2 years. I don't know. But, I know one thing for sure. Already at that time, I perceived that the website is not just a portal about the servo emulator, but that it is a site about the development of Ultima Online. About the game we like older so much. After those two or three years, I see more and more that a community has grown here that solves the development of Ultima Online, which solves the little things that are important for understanding certain issues in the UO. And that's what the whole world lacked. Yes, in the past there were various sites where people who liked to edit UO were concentrated. And I miss him, very much. But here it has been replaced. Plus, it's set up here. There are a lot of instructions and advice on how to transform ultima online. You know, the domain is no longer just a page about an emulator for the game UO. On the contrary, this domain has long been promoted to a worldwide project, a worldwide discussion, on how to work, develop, beautify, the game Ultima Online. And you administrators deserve this, thank you very much. Because this, this site, this project, it was missing. We come here from sphere, people from Pol come here, people only from RunUO come here. And of course the ServUo people. We all come here. And that's good. I want you to keep this site for at least 20 years. But even more. We know and know some of the basics of UO from older developers, but we don't know everything. And often we get it wrong and make a mistake. And here it is corrected. UO is basically the same from the beginning, with only small differences. But it is these deviations that are being addressed here. And that's good. Hold this website, I'll be very happy if you can. I commend and congratulate you on your efforts for making it this far. I've been doing UO since 2004, it's been a very long time to play. I didn't just do UO, and other games, even 3D. But UO, it's a matter of the heart. And she will never leave me. Stick to the developers, search, learn and don't forget the main idea. it's fun, not duty. As a GM, don't get caught by shard development or players.

Good luck to you.


Mar 3, 2013
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Thank You for your very kind words :) We love being able to keep UO/ServUO for everyone to enjoy for sure. It's not always easy but we all keep our hearts and minds on focus . For all those to help so much on here with scripts and their knowledge of course are very important also
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