Where or How do I find out what version of Servuo I am using, below is what I see when I start my server. and the folder says ServUo-Master. It chose this, not me, I just chose the drive.

Question is to see if I need to install an updated version or if I have the updated one. I see peeps saying 56.bluah, 57...or 58...blau blau...

thanks for the help.

If you're running anything other than P58, it's broken and won't properly display any version due to changes in .NET and MONO.
You can hover ServUO.exe to find the assembly version, which is usually 0.5.* - but even this doesn't help much.

You're likely running P57 or older.

If you're running your server on a Windows platform, you should build it for that platform using the appropriate bat file in the project root.
ok, thanks for the information. I did what you said, and servuo.exe didn't say much, just said 0..0.0.0.
But when I hover over server.dll, it shows File version: