ServUO Vet Rewards Errors

magik hatt

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Apr 7, 2018
I'm getting some errors in the vet rewards menus. I'm running ServUO Mondain's Legacy. For example of the errors I'm getting, for Flesh Renderer statue, it's showing Error (MegaCliloc):StringId not found:.

It happens with a more like crystal elemental, dark father, platinum dragon, navrey, and exodus. I commented out several other rewards that said expansion.SA or expansion.TOL that had given errors. It happens with other rewards too. Metalic Leather Dye Tub has the error, but Metalic Dye Tub works.

I'm not sure what to do to fix these. Or if I can still have the SA or TOL rewards after fixing since I'm focusing on ML. Any ideas?

Anon the Felon

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Jun 24, 2016
Clilocs are defined by the client data you are using. They're numbers that associate with strings of text in the cliloc file, translating based on the language desired by the end user. If you're using ML client data, there is no way for the client to know about more modern clilocs.

You can redact all offending items.
Manually add the clilocs.
Use more modern client data and dumb the world down to get back to ML through code.

None of these paths are light on work, but they're also not terribly difficult. My first attempt would be to just use a modern cliloc file and see if all the ML/legacy stuff was ok. Most of the old cliloc numbers never changed, they just added to it.
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