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Endless Journey
Can someone help me with what methods to use to dye armor while i'm equipping my mobile? The thighboots just take an argument in the item but the armor isn't working the same. So I assume there's a method for this but I can't seem to find it.


[set hue 1152
[add thighboots set hue 1152
or in the script for the item, add Hue = 1152;
The armor pieces dont act like the thighboots.

I can do this for thighboots:
AddItem(new ThighBoots(0x901));

But the armor doesn't seem to have this option.
What can I do to this line or after it to set hue for the item?
AddItem(new FemaleLeatherChest());

And thank you thank you thank you for responding! You rock!
Figured out a way. I'd have figured there'd be a more elegant solution but this'll work.

AddItem(new GemmedCirclet());
AddItem(new FemaleLeatherChest());
AddItem(new ThighBoots(0x901));
AddItem(new ElvenQuiver());
Item chestArmor = this.FindItemOnLayer(Layer.InnerTorso);
if (chestArmor != null)
chestArmor.Hue = 0x901;
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Also note that you can add other properties to it by separating them with a comma.

Additional Properties:
AddItem(new FemaleLeatherChest{Hue = 0x901, LootType = LootType.Blessed});

Just leave the comma off the last property in the list.


Yes perfect! I'm messing with this mobile to get the hang of C#. I'm liking it but some things like the shorthand syntax you just showed me are a little tough to figure out at first. Thanks again!