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Publish 57
Ultima Expansion
The Second Age

We found a very nice command, Showart, on this forum and I have a little situation with it..
(Haanzen Show art gump)

I get these 4 exceptions when running ServUO. I wasn't getting these before and just adding the file in the folder is creating the exceptions. I can't seem to figure out what can be the conflict..


The object in question is m_output
m_Output.WriteLine("{0}: [{1}] {2}", DateTime.UtcNow, channel, text);

It happens for all the chat channels.

Like you can see, it starts, I logged in, the command is working and the gumps shows a content.

Using the file as I downloaded it or modified to be used with ServUO command system, it's the same. Only putting the file in a folder creates them; no need to be loaded in the solution.


Any user of this gump having a hint? anyone?

-Thanks, have a great day!

(edit) There's a screenshot of the entire situation


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