I have Lokai's Enhancement Deed script and it works great. But it don't work with the reward vendor and gives random results when I try to dupe it. So I have decided to try and make individual skill enhancement deeds, but I have and AOS problem it says AOSSkillBonuses doesn't have a definition for what ever skill I am trying to compile at the time. My question is do I need to rewrite the AOS with a definition for every skill or is there an easier way?
Check this out it might help.

Just quick FYI the lists I have a set up for my server, this is more about a way to get all the skills with little effort.


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Oh I see what you are looking for now. Sorry, was tired from moving when I typed last (still and but have head today I think). If the properties are not listed you have a few ways to deal with it, you could clone the skill boot to another name, or add them to the one already there. There are some other ways but not really worth mentioning IMO. The easiest would be to add however as you don't have to go looking in 2 different places for the skill you want.
Try adding this constructor to EnhancementDeed.cs:

 public EnhancementDeed(string skillName, int deedValue)
  	: base(0x14F0)
  	m_DeedType = EnhancementType.Skill;
  	m_DeedValue = deedValue;
  	BonusSkill = (SkillName)Enum.Parse(typeof(SkillName), skillName);

That should allow you to more easily construct one.

From whatever script you are using to give out deeds:

EnhancementDeed deed = new EnhancementDeed("Anatomy", 75);
pack.DropItem( deed);

...should work and make it easier.