Some systems (new systems) doesn't have load/unload


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Jul 4, 2016
on old patches of servuo all added systems have a generate and remove command, to owners use, when the system got a major change, or if they want custom the server to remove or add some system.

Some examples:

GenGauntlet and DeleteGauntlet
SetupDespise and DeleteDespise

but some new systems (all tol ones to be honest) doesn`'t have this option anymore, like

Blackthorn, Exodus, Shadowguard, Wrong Revamp, Myrmidex, explorethedeep, the new system to mini champion spawns.

So when we get an update, we need dig al code, and do manual changes to the spawns, and it strat cause some bugs and inconsistencies, not sure if i'm the only with this problem, but i think a lot of owners of private servers, maybe have this same problem.

idk if this can flagged as a bug or a suggestion to new patches, but a lot of bugs we fix are only "fix" to new shards and older shards need do a lot of custom edits to fix by hand (for example we had a lot of changes in exploring the deep spawns, if the player added the system to a server when it was first released, was a pain update to last release.

Another problem was a exploit with spellwovenbritches, for over a year, players exploit the system crafting it with runic kits and using barbed,horned,spined leather to win bonuses, now they can't but old items still exist, same with enhance basilisk hide breastplate with red scales, in my server i fixed it by my own using

  public override void Deserialize(GenericReader reader)
  int version = reader.ReadInt();

  if (version == 0)
  Resource = CraftResource.None;
  this.Hue = 1366;
was a band-aid, but worked hehe, but i imagine older shards maybe still have this bugged items even after the fix.
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Jul 3, 2014
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I get it man, but at some point shard owners need to figure out and utilize global commands and/or [xmlfind.