Spawn my pet next to me HELP!


Hello everybody.
I have a small problem to solve: if I have a bonded pet and he dies it moves very slowly and therefore if I am inside an area with no healers nearby it takes hours to keep up with the dead pet.

I noticed that with the admin I can reach the healer to resurrect me, then log out and log back in and the pet appears next to me.

I should just modify Access.GameMaster with Access.Player but I don't know in which script.

Can you help me?


Found this a few years ago. Works on my old shard.

player command
allows gm to charge for finding a players pet without needing to log in and out to retrieve them.



thank you very much! more karma for you !! is there a way to make it free by removing any cost items from the gump?


With the newer versions of ServUO (and UO in general I believe), if you log out, and login, all currently claimed pets move to your current location on the login, by default.