Hello, I'm trying to find a way to simply increase the number of stable slots on a character. Is there any option under [props that will allow me to do that? I have tried adding the StableSlotIncreaseToken but 1. I'm not sure what I'm doing, and 2. The version I use does not have the UO store active. If I could just add the script for the item, I could simply [add it in game, but I am not sure how to do that. Any help would be much appreicated.


This original thread is over a year old, if you're asking looking for help with the same/similar issue, I'd start a new thread. If you were asking just for curiosity, rock n roll. :)
I was just asking to see if they ever came up with a solution back then if they were still around. Still a viable item and just trying to save some time if he had it figured out already.


In AnimalTrainer.cs look for code. I added the top if statement the else if >=240 was the original code thios is how you add additional stable slots i do believe.
stable code:
public static int GetMaxStabled( Mobile from )
            double taming = from.Skills[SkillName.AnimalTaming].Value;
            double anlore = from.Skills[SkillName.AnimalLore].Value;
            double vetern = from.Skills[SkillName.Veterinary].Value;
            double sklsum = taming + anlore + vetern;

            int max;

            if ( sklsum >= 300.0 )
                max = 6;
            else if ( sklsum >= 240.0 )
                max = 5;
            else if ( sklsum >= 200.0 )
                max = 4;
            else if ( sklsum >= 160.0 )
                max = 3;
                max = 2;