Me and my friend can't leave the despise entrance to reach the healer where there's trolls outside, we're out of ideas so i figure i create a healer at entrance and should make a moongate to fix people or something? We're lost!


I have a solution for you.

In your ServeUO folder go into your Data folder and edit the TeleporterRegions.xml file.

In TeleporterRegions.xml scroll down until you find this teleporter block (use the Find and 5588 to more quickly find it). Make sure you are looking at the Trammel settings and not the Felucca settings which come first in the list.
Block to look for:
<tiles from="(1296, 1082, 0)" frommap="Trammel" to="(5588, 632, 30)" tomap="Trammel" />
<tiles from="(1296, 1081, 0)" frommap="Trammel" to="(5588, 631, 30)" tomap="Trammel" />
<tiles from="(1296, 1080, 0)" frommap="Trammel" to="(5588, 630, 30)" tomap="Trammel" />

Hit enter 5 times to add 5 lines and copy paste the code below in that blank space
<tiles from="(5588, 632, 30)" frommap="Trammel" to="(1296, 1082, 0)" tomap="Trammel" />
<tiles from="(5588, 631, 30)" frommap="Trammel" to="(1296, 1081, 0)" tomap="Trammel" />
<tiles from="(5588, 630, 30)" frommap="Trammel" to="(1296, 1080, 0)" tomap="Trammel" />

Save your file

Restart your server and poof you are no longer stuck in Despise. Hopefully someone can update that file in the next ServeUO release.


Thank you for this fix. Some of my players found themselves stuck in Despise and I had no idea what was going on.