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Summoning System Beta 1.0 ~ Summon The Dark Gods - Summoner System

Summoning 1.0
by TwilightRaven
with special help from Hammerhand

This system summons a powerful evil enemy to attack the surrounding monsters for a few seconds.
Inspired by the Final Fantasy Summoning system where a powerful creature appears for a few seconds
and deals damage to all the surrounding enemies.

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Everything seems ok, except, i seem to get attaked by dreadhorn, doesn't go after just the enemies, comes after me too. lol. like a suicide summon

Nevermind, i summoned dread horn in an area with no enemies, did not attack. i think its because it used a skill that poisoned all mobiles in area, so i became its target. a custom dread horn could fix that
Ok. Thanks for the feedback. I think there is a problem with Meraktus too, he killed me somehow. I think it was one of his minotaur's he spawns. I need to work on him as well.


So figuring this would only be for the creatures that typically any player would never own, like dreadhorn. add a check for the area spells that affect the caster and tell it to return if it is summoned.

                    // poison
                    if (this.Summoned && this.SummonMaster is PlayerMobile)

obviously the real dreadhorn will be normal as it wouldn't be summoned. Might be a better way to do this, but figured i would share what i did with it.