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Tarot Cards - Complete set of Tarot cards for UO

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Cards Shown In Video are Not Actual Size

This is Actual size

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Included in the set
156 Tarot Cards - This is a complete set
3 Card Backs
1 Credits
1 TarotCardMeanings.txt this is an address to a website for resource info for any scriptor wishing
to implement this as a working fortune telling system

Each image was meticulously checked in game to insure that no images had any holes in them.

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  • UO Tarot Cards.zip
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I was going to make this too, lol. I usually do an 11 card spread.

Well, maybe not. I was going to make the scripts for a full reading, but the cards are beautiful.
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I don't actually read Tarot. Always liked the art in them. Thought it would be a cool addition to ultima since most likely they had fortune tellers ect... Example of a one card reading scripted on a website. 1 Card Tarot Reading
Always was interesting how they used in game? 78 cards is greate, but what to do with them? ))

PS Nice wirk, but as for me images are too small, and as i understand there also need "inverted" copies as they have different meanings.

PPS Original UO also contains 8 tarot cards, is it minideck? And i couldn't found any info how they where used on OSI