We all know how long UO has been around. Those of us that played on OSI shards originally saw Devs come and go over the years. Lots of projects were started by a dev team, only to be cast aside when a new team took over. Thus it was that the UO Free Shard Community was born. Some say it started because players were trying to avoid paying EA's fees, others say it started to allow for more creative minds to expand beyond EA's boundaries. Whatever the reason, in it's various forms and comings and goings, the UOFSC has grown far beyond what was ever expected. Players have come together, shared their creativity and ingenuity with others with blatant disregard for the "Almighty Dollar". Although it is nice to receive some monetary reward for one's efforts, greed has not been a factor. EA/Mythic can say what they like about us, but in the end, we all know where they get their ideas from. I would even go so far as to say that they should be thanking us for our hard work and dedication that for the most part, EA Devs lacked over the years. Do I sound like we're better than Mythic? That's because I wholeheartedly believe we are.

A Very Thankful Member of the UO Free Shard Community