I created a player housing area with houses and yards and such and froze it into the map.. now when I town house a house and yard there for a player. the only thing u can lock stuff down in is the houses and not the yards? not sure whats wrong..any ideas?
Did you mark out side the actual house With the yard as well or just the house? Also it might help to set the base of house -1 of what ever the house bottom z level is. Like if you find the ground outside house to be at z 0 then type in the town house jump -1 z. Hope that helps haven't done the townhouses in a while. Let me get all my stuff in my personal shard and I'll add townhouses see what I come up with.
I would have to ask the same question, did you also go beyond the house to mark
the yard for the town house?
You need to add the yard in the area for the house, then make sure the yard is in the z range to place and lockdown items. If your base floor is 5 z but yard is 0 z you will have a problem.