I am wondering how you go about adding this... :\


Kind confused after tampering for a while. Maybe someone can help me out? I usually have something written up to start from Buttttttt..................

This time im a little confused on it :\
Not quite sure I understand how the Mana Phasing Orb is suppose to work.

When one of its charges is used...
Are the charges auto consumed or do you have to double click it to activate it?[/fieldset][fieldset=UOGuide]
... next two mana checks become free, until you do damage or attempt to use mana.
The wording on this one confuses me. I understand the damage part but attempting to use mana breaking the condition? How would you use mana to become free then?[/fieldset]
It's got me :\ I have never used it on OSI as I do not have an account anymore :\