Does anyone know how to make another event with Tresdni's system, I make a Monster Bash event and it just crashes the server when I type [monsterbash. To make the event all I am doing is taking the "Town Invasion" folder and copying it and changing the files.
Here is the crash report. Also I am using RunUO2.3.1 with Neruns and OWLTR.

Server Crash Report
RunUO Version 2.3, Build 1.33571
Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
.NET Framework: 4.0.30319.18408
Time: 12/27/2013 10:09:06 AM
Mobiles: 47693
Items: 203353
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  at Server.EventSystem.EventPropertiesGump.BuildList()
  at Server.EventSystem.EventPropertiesGump..ctor(Mobile mobile, Object o)
  at Server.EventSystem.EventCore.MonsterBash_OnCommand(CommandEventArgs e)
  at Server.Commands.CommandSystem.Handle(Mobile from, String text, MessageType type) in c:\Nerun2.3.1\Core\Commands.cs:line 321
  at Server.Mobile.DoSpeech(String text, Int32[] keywords, MessageType type, Int32 hue) in c:\Nerun2.3.1\Core\Mobile.cs:line 4791
  at Server.Mobiles.PlayerMobile.DoSpeech(String text, Int32[] keywords, MessageType type, Int32 hue)
  at Server.Network.PacketHandlers.UnicodeSpeech(NetState state, PacketReader pvSrc) in c:\Nerun2.3.1\Core\Network\PacketHandlers.cs:line 1402
  at Server.Network.MessagePump.HandleReceive(NetState ns) in c:\Nerun2.3.1\Core\Network\MessagePump.cs:line 144
  at Server.Network.MessagePump.Slice() in c:\Nerun2.3.1\Core\Network\MessagePump.cs:line 129
  at Server.Core.Main(String[] args) in c:\Nerun2.3.1\Core\Main.cs:line 522
- Count: 1
+ (account = IanE) (mobile = 0xEE 'IanE')

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I know this is old and not even sure if you are around anymore. But I'm wondering if you figured this out. I am having the same issue with a new event I added. Same error with the commands I added. Wierd cause I just copied the commands that were there.
I had gotten out of UO for a while after posting that..I am slowly getting back into it, maybe I will look over this again and see what happens