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  1. Hi! I would like to introduce you our shard.

    ai59.tinypic.com_90ap05.png Ultima Online Italia Reborn ai59.tinypic.com_90ap05.png

    Free Shard, custom gameplay, free to play. There's no skill cap, players can reach 200 for most skills by drinking special vials or using certain NPC/Items in the game. There is no "insurance" active, so every equip can be lost, but we also have a fully working newbie system that ensures that for the first 400 hours of play you won't loose your items (plus some starting equip). Stat cap is 280. New graphics, animations, and questsystem, Custom AI on monsters, automatic city war system and a weekly colony war, new architecture, custom housing, bonding for animals and original interface skin. We continue to develop the game even now!

    Elf, Fremen, Sylvan (elf), Drow (elf), Orc, Human
    Vampire (in development)

    Necromancer (RPG only - player arranged)
    Cleric (RPG only - player arranged)
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