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UO An Corp: Looking for Coder help

Discussion in 'Looking For Help' started by Abigor, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. Abigor

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    Mar 20, 2014
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    My name is Abigor and I am one of the Owner/Administrators of UO An Corp. An Corp is currently the largest UO freeshard around. We currently host 1,000+ clients and a very stable server on a regular basis.This is a T2A style server that was built on RunUO. The code was inherited from the IPY3 team and we have gone on to push this product out to the public under a new name. Mark has been very kind in helping us get the latest and greatest RunUO core working for our server. The shard has been out for a month now, and while it was a rocky start, we've gotten most of our server instability issues resolved at this point. Now it seems getting new systems in place has become nigh impossible with our current volunteer coder's having real life rear it's ugly head at them. Right now, we have puppz and Jimmy, who are our two active coders, so we aren't completely helpless, but we need another experienced coder to come in and help ease the burden on them.

    We have a very solid group of Devs and staff, but it seems that it's hard to find experienced, reliable coders familiar with RunUO these days. I know this is ServUO and many of you are more tailored towards developing for current versions of UO, but again, it's hard to find good help so I'm hoping this post might generate some interest.

    We have a very specific vision we would like to follow. We don't want to change our core mechanics at this point, just improve upon existing systems and create new and entertaining content for the populace to enjoy.

    tl;dr: We are looking to add another experienced coder to the team to help fix and develop new systems for our server. Currently, we are all strictly volunteers with this project. None of use are compensated for the time and work we put in. This may change in future. If this interests you, please PM me or shoot me an e-mail [email protected]. I am also willing to answer any questions you might have about this project.

    P.S. We are currently looking for a new Lead Programmer, someone who is experienced and willing to work with the Admins to realize the vision we hold for this server.

    P.S.S. We might be willing to compensate a professional, trustworthy programmer to come in and code a few systems for us. If this interests you, please send me a PM or e-mail and we will discuss the systems, rates and form of payment.

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