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Dovkas while still in a very early Beta Stage and not always up 24/7 is a Mostly modern and up-to-date OSI clone. Based in Luna as the HUB a heavy focus was made towards a Trammy based play-styles. If you ever played Shards back in the UOGateway Launcher Days it's very akin to Shards of those days. More focus on Fun and Relaxed Atmosphere.

PvE has been the main focus with a lot of purchasable Props, New Stealables, New/Old Daily Rare, Rare Unique Item Drops from Constantly Farmed Creatures, and many other major updates and edits done to things such as:

900 (960 vet) SkillCap/ 355 (380 MaxStatScrolls) StatCap,
LMC Cap = 60,
SDI Cap = 100,
FC Cap = 8,
FCR Cap = 10,
Swing Speed Cap = 100 (1 swing every 0.75 seconds instead of 1.25),
Damage Increase Cap = 200,
DCI Cap = 50,
HCI Cap = 100,
Reflect Damage Cap = 50,

Macro-ing Allowed,
Archeology = mining in sand for items [learned by reading a book] {GM Mining + GM Forensic Evaluation},
Dredging = Aquatic lumberjacking swamps for items [learned by reading a book] {GM Lumberjacking + GM Fishing },
Gold Panning Rivers = collect gold/silver pieces to combine for deco or turn in for Bankchecks,
Grave Robbing = Using special axes to rob from grave sites [can lead to angry spirits],
Tokens {Used in Luna to Buy mostly Everything from Vender Stones},
Master Looting Backpacks,
Personal Trash Backpacks,
[loot command,
Evo: Dragons, Hiryus, CuSidhe, Reptalon, Nightmare, Hellsteed, Llama, PolarBear, Ostard, Kirin, Unicorn-
-(Turned WAY DOWN from Older Version) [Currently removed from players and being looked into for causing crashes when using "Guard Me"],
Lots of Custom Horses, Steeds, Dragons, Drakes, Bosses; hidden around all Facets,
OSI Daily Rares and Dozens of Custom ones,
Up to date Stealables + custom ones,
Start with a travel book allowing for travel to Tram/Fel Cities, Tram/Fel Dungeons, and the Main Hub Luna-
-Better Travel Book purchased from vendor stone in Luna,
Starter Mage Armor Suit Given to all Newbies on character creation,
Skill / Stat ball when start since server is in test mode,
Follower Cap Based on Intelligence,
Stats all Cap at 150 instead of 125,
Vet Rewards have been overhauled. All Current OSI Rewards PLUS: Ingot Colored Anvils and Forges, New Dye Tubs, New House Addons, New Misc Rewards-
-11th, 12th, 16th, 300th Anniversary Items Added to vet rewards also,
AoS, Minor, ML, Shared, and Reward Artifact Pieces have been made into full suits of Artifact Armor [EX:Coif of Fire, Tunic of Fire, Leggings of Fire]-
-Artifactors (Enemies wear full suits of the completed armor sets can also be found hidden through the world,
[MyHouses - for fast home teleport for nonmage characters [doesnt work in combat],
[Recall - return to luna at a moments notice [Doesnt work in combat],
[emote - to roleplay expressions,
[MyStats - to see your characters total stat count on abilities [DCI, HCI, DI, ETC...],
Completely overhauled Holiday Reward System: Valentines, Easter, St, Patties, April Fools, 4thJuly, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas,
Magincia [Tram and Fel] Have Randomly Spawning Rubble in Default and Burnt Hues. [Used: http://uorubbles.wikia.com/wiki/UORubbles_Wiki as a refrence for-
-creating them],
Deranged Painter - Dropper of Unique Dye Tubs of all kinds. {CAN Drop 1-5 use UniDye Tubs, Doesn't Always},
One Use Uni Dye Tubs can be bought from HueStationStones in Luna. Multi Use Basic Dye Tubs can also be bought in any Hue for slightly less,
OSI Theme Pack Items [Gothic, Kings, Rustic, Wedding],
Yardshovels - Allows for creating of and decorating a yard around your house,
Granite Colossus now spawnable while gathering for Stone Crafters,
Artifact Buyers/Sellers, Powerscroll Buyers, StatScroll Buyers to help with gold needs,
Self Updating and Self Running Auction System with Resources for Crafters. Open slots for Players looking to off load items to others,
Corpse Retrieval System at Luna [3.5k per body],
Donation Box with [Donate command, Auto Igniting World Lights,
Coal Armor (Vendor Stone), Ranger Armor, Phoenix Feather Armor (Vendor Stone), Dragon Bone Armor (Vendor Stone), Bloody Clothing, Some Custom Equipment, and TONS of Custom Deco Items,
AND TONS MORE constantly being created and added.

Join us on discord for uptimes and start your own story.

Port 2593
Discord Link
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