So I'm stumped- I have 2 computers both with XP on the one computer UO Fiddler does
show the plugins, but on the other computer it does not show the plugins, not even the test one.
Any one have any idea of why this might happen? :)
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Goat I believe had a similar issue recently. @Ravenwolfe sent him a link to download the version she used and it fixed his problem. Try re-installing it on that one computer, if that doesn't work, maybe harass Raven for her copy. ;)
I haven't used any of the extensions yet, so I can't help you much there. Just be nice to see the SA animations though....
I want to check out the UOFiddler UOP Extractor plugin- but I didn't want to use the client which I use for the test server.
So with the other comp I downloaded UO Fiddler and the newest UO Client to test on that one :) I'm guessing if the UOP files are converted to mul, then UO Fiddler could be used to see the newest items/animations etc.
With the latest client, yeah you would think that'd work. However, running client, Fiddler isn't showing SA animations and those were still mul files.
@Ravenwolfe any chance you could provide the link which fixed your plugin problem with UO Fiddler? Maybe it will help and I won't have to re-download another client on the comp which the plugins do work :)
I think that was UOArchitect that you were thinking of, however I have a working version of UOFiddler as well, I'll post it...

P.S. I use client, so that may be your issue. I've not been able to use the latest client because it messes up the Primeval Lich area in Felucca.


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Well the higher client does still show the plugins for UO Fiddler, but I need to change the uop files to mul in it before it will load items.(only need it for the items really)
Thanks for posting that must be the same one I have as it does the same thing on that comp :)
On the RUNUO google code site, you can get the newest converter for mul and uop, all i did was use that, and delete the art hash file as is suggested and I have the plugins showing up fine on the newest build, with client
Thanks I might have to try that :) I was just avoiding it since there were quite a few having problems with it.