I hate the new Haven and Magincia... They were terribly done - and senseless. I may have to look into this :)
This was also the last client version to support 3D introduced in the Third Dawn expansion.
I too have been looking for this for a long, long time. Can't thank you enough for sharing this. Seriously.
My favorite was the 3D of the LBR era (before they changed the ground tiles to look like the classic client), but I am loving the interface of the new EC! The hot bars and macros are awesome.
Wow, totally missed this the first time around. Thank you so much! I know a lot of shards base themselves on this client but I could never find a clean version of it.
Thank goodness you linked this! haha Also I found some patches online the other day for various UO versions. Don't know if anyone can use em but here is a link for them. http://www.cwo333.com/patch/

Manual Patches for Ultima Online

These manual patches are zips containing all of the files that were changed. All you need to do is select which UO release you have, download, and extract these to your UO path replacing all files of the same name. This will easily patch your UO up to 4.0.2a(2).

Original (The First non-beta release of UO)

The Second Age

Renaissance (Includes install off of Third Dawn release)

Lord Blackthorns Revenge

Age of Shadows
I wish we could use 1.25 Id be happy with 1.26 too lol I just miss the chest opening and the old graphics! Never could get these to work. I have heard of others modifying the packets to get them to talk. The best I could do was get through character creation before crashing LOL But a client with the old map files is the next best thing! I use your client and love it Grim. :D

For anyone who hasn't tried this here is a small example:

Here is Regular client just using t2a maps on my server data path

Here is Grims Version on the same server Grim.png

The minimap looks waaay better (Oldschool) and you can really notice the landscape differences just look how many more trees there are in the minimap!
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It would be easier to rewrite the packet handling and run a Pre-T2A client, I have tried before and succeed to lockout all newer client in the process but it worked.

This would in the same time give us all old client buggs back and no blocking arrows for skills, no speed hack protection and more issues.

I would say that it is almost impossible to hack the client to show the chest in a client but all graphics are in the client osi never deleted anything. Even if we did do it the next step that we would be stuck in are the character creating process.

- Grim
There wouldn't really be a way to remove just the extra class options for Character creation from the client either then I suppose?
Well it seemed plausible if you are able to inject files/maps/features, similar to what it sounds like Grim has done, from one client to another that you could use a 3.0/4.0 client to inject some features into a newer one. Although I have ZERO knowledge about this process or its limitations, so as a layman I thought I might just ask. :D
Hello guys, It's Fred I'm Learning the C# , today I set up my localserver but I have this strange problem how you can see at the link below;

all the npcs and me included, we are moved under the ground ... how can i resolve it ?

RunUO 2.3
client (patch 31) ML

how can i resolve?
That usually means that the Map files the server is using isn't the same as the map files the client you are using. Make sure the same map files are being used and then maybe delete the saves and re spawn the world to be on the safe side.

If you are just now coming into this project, it might be better to just use the newest servuo distro and the newest client. Then once you get the feel for that work your way down to the older content.
Hey guys I've tried LBR and AOS and ML and cant seem to get Old Haven back. It's always just a clone of Ocllo. I switch facets go to trammel and it's just not there! it's like all the clients have been modified or servuo is forcing me to just use a clone of felucca. What is up with this? I would be a much happier person if I had Old Haven back in my life.
Can I ask a favor? can you attach this in .CS form and winzip or winrar ? I need this bad..... but, I cannot download the crdownload. Thanks man. This is awesome.

Any way you can put it back up? says it was deleted.
If you look at his profile, you will see he hasn't been here since 2016.
There wouldn't really be a way to remove just the extra class options for Character creation from the client either then I suppose?
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There is a way to do this in your client there is a file called Prof.txt if you edit that you can take out those 4. for my custom server I only have one profession and the custom one and it only shows one on my screen.
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If you look at his profile, you will see he hasn't been here since 2016.
I clicked on it and it said it was a .crdownload file.... and was looking for zip or rar, I scrolled down and someone else was having an issue with the link. I see now it says zip, just clicked it now and it started downloading.... not sure what the issue was. I already found another to work with my scripts and got my old server back up from 2008.