ServUO Version
Publish 58
Ultima Expansion
Hey guys! I would like to know if is possible to remove all expasion after UOR
Thank you!


line 18 of \ServUO-p58-wip\Config\Server.cfg:
# The displayed name of the shard
Name=Your Server

# If true, the server will start in Test Center mode

# This setting controls the target era for your shard.
# This allows you to develop expansion-specific features.
# This value is also used to infer some aspects of the network communications;
# which values should and shouldn't be sent to clients dependend on their versions.
# Setting this value does not guarantee that all features and content will behave as
# expected for that expansion - some modifications may be needed for accuracy.
# ServUO content always attempts to reflect the latest version of the official servers.
# Backward compatibility with old expansions is not maintained by the ServUO team.
# Leaving this blank will select the latest expansion.
# Values: None, T2A, UOR, UOTD, LBR, AOS, SE, ML, SA, HS, TOL, EJ

Change Expansion=TOL to Expansion=UOR